creatrice de bijoux marie helene lapie loubrielle


Marie-Hélène Loubrielle created SHAGREEN ET TORTOISE after training in Fine Jewellery and Arts in Paris. She started composing and cutting her colorful jewelry for boutiques and customers worldwide from her studio nestled under the roofs of South Pigalle. Passionate about gems, craftsmanship and a lover of nature, she draws her inspiration from the materials she unearths from her travels and trusted suppliers. Her jewels are a tribute to nature, to its exceptional colors and textures. Although she seeks to create repeatable models in small and medium series, each jewel is a unique piece of art and fine craftsmanship.

atelier de fabrication artisanale de bijou en coquillage et pierre precieuse


SHAGREEN & TORTOISE's trademark builds upon the art of placing nature at the center of the jewel. With this in mind, the designer developed specific know-hows around carving, cold-enameling, and inlaying of set stones in natural materials. The signature material of the brand is natural seashell, but further collections have and will continue to explore new resources such as pearls, ebony, horn, feathers and more.

coquillages naturels et pierres precieuses serties d'or


SHAGREEN & TORTOISE jewels are handcrafted in vermeil : silver coated with a solid layer of 18 karat gold. The plating is carried out in a Parisian reknowned gilding atelier that guarantees a thick layer of gold (5 microns), hence a very good resistance over time.


The gemstones are ethically sourced and set by our stone cutting and jeweller partner in Jaïpur 

Seashells and other materials come from all over the world, always from regulated fishing or farming circuits. Protected materials or species are never used in our jewellery.